Marvel Snap leaks provide some excitement for move deck players

Marvel Snap leaks provide some excitement for move deck players

The latest Marvel Snap leaks, courtesy of, are providing something to look forward to for move players, with plenty of new cards on the way to boost the viability of the archetype in the current meta. Considering the ol’ Heimdall, Doctor Strange, and Vulture combo is pretty terrifying, things are really going the get interesting when these news cards arrive.

With cards like Toad, Ghost-Spider, and Blink all part of the latest Marvel Snap leaks, the move meta is going to pick up some more technical cards, with Toad and Ghost-Spider both able to move the last card you played, while Blink can move once per turn while picking up an extra power point each time. If you play much Marvel Snap yourself, you can probably imagine the sort of combos capable between cards like Toad and Human Torch, or Ghost-Spider and Vulture, but that’s not all.

Move decks also get a new five-cost card when the Marvel Snap leaks come to fruition in-game, with fiery-demon Surtur arriving to dish out some damage. Surtur starts as a zero power card, but its all-important effect means that if Human Torch is moved to its location, it gets a plus ten power buff. Combined with the doubling effect of the Fantastic Four’s flameboy, this stacks up at any location for some impressive numbers.

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