Samsung's prototype Flex Hybrid OLED mobile display can both slide and fold

Samsung's prototype Flex Hybrid OLED mobile display can both
slide and fold

Last year at CES, Samsung folded its displays nearly every way you could think of, but this year it's combining that with another trick — sliding. The Flex Hybrid OLED mobile screen, debuting at CES 2023, can both fold from one side and slide out on the other, changing both the size and aspect ratio. 

Starting off at a relatively compact 4.2-inches or so wide, it can fold out to a 10.5-inch 4:3 display suitable for productivity. You can then slide out the right side to create a 12.4-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. That would make it well suited for entertainment or content creation, particularly considering the potentially excellent image quality offered by the OLED display technology. 

Samsung's latest mobile display can both fold and slide
Samsung Display

The extra two inches of screen appears to roll from under the right-hand side of the device when slid out, judging by the extra thickness on that side of the display. The combined technology could effectively allow you to carry a 12.4-inch, 16:10 OLED tablet in a jacket pocket — ideal for entertainment or working on the go.

Two other Samsung displays will make their public debuts at CES 2023. The Flex Slidable Solo expands from a 14-inch OLED panel to a wider 17.3-inch display by sliding open from one side. And the Flex Slidable Duet OLED extends from two sides to make the same conversion. Both panels were featured at Intel's Innovation 2022 event in September, but have yet to be shown in public. 

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