The NYXI Wizard Controller Turns Your Switch Into a Game Cube

Image Source: NYXI

The newly released Wizard controller from NYXI will turn your Nintendo Switch into a Game Cube in a snap. *insert Nintendo Switch snap sound*

Seriously, this new controller is absolutely stunning. And it is a perfect way to honor the classic Game Cube aesthetic in the modern age.

Image Source: NYXI GamingImage Source (for Wizard Controller): NYXI Gaming

It only comes in one color: “Purple”, as it should. A near match to the original. And taking a look at the button configuration, there’s no mistaking the inspiration here.

Let’s take a look at the features of the new NYXI Wizard controller and see how it is similar to the original Game Cube controller, one of the best game controllers ever created.

NYXI Wizard Controller Details Image Source: NYXI GamingImage Source: NYXI Gaming

The NYXI Wizard controller is a Nintendo Switch Joycon replacement, which means that it does separate into two individual controllers to slide on to the Switch.

So you can use it right on the Switch, or wirelessly in docked mode.

It even comes with a really nice middle frame piece for the wireless game play.

This frame is much skinnier than the one that comes with your Switch. Just wide enough to support the slide on rails and a nice NYXI logo.

They are really pushing the “never drift” thing here too, as the Wizard features the new Hall Effect analogue sticks. Something that seems to be taking over as the standard.

If you’re pushing a product without hall sticks in 2023, people are gonna look at you sideways.

For those who are not familiar with Hall Effect sticks, they use magnets instead of touching parts, so they theoretically should never experience problems related to wear.

The triggers are more sensitive, and have a shorter travel for quicker response.

Image Source: NYXI GamingImage Source: NYXI Gaming

The ABXY buttons look almost identical to the Game Cube’s corresponding buttons, and they even have light in them. Which is gonna look super slick in low light.

They are even including interchangeable joystick rings, which allow for full circular borders which are better for most modern games, or diagonal borders for a focus on fighting games.

There’s also two mappable buttons on the rear, and two turbo buttons on the front. So you’re fully covered no matter what your game play needs.

Seems like NYXI really thought of everything with their new Wizard controller. So the following information should come as no surprise…

Going, Going, Gone

Here is the only catch, you guys:

The NYXI Wizard Controller launched less than 24 hours ago, and they are already sold out!

So fingers crossed we can catch the next stock, cause we want to get our hands on this thing ASAP.

When available, the NYXI Wizard comes in at $69.99usd / £57.52 / €65.17, which is a fair price considering this rivals the quality of just about any pro controller out there.

I’ve signed up for the “Notify When Available”, and I’m over here tapping my credit card on the table impatiently waiting. We recommend you do the same.

Until they restock, let’s all just marvel at how gorgeous this thing is and imagine how great it will feel in our hands.

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