The Wednesday One 01/04/2023

The Wednesday One 01/04/2023


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 01/04/2023

I seem to like covers this week. I guess I was feeling nice.


Scarlet Witch #1 1:100 

Ivan Tao

This is pure fire. Selling $80-95 so far. I think this is worth $100. The trade will hurt it, but wow. I want a 9.8 for PC.

Star Wars  #30 1:10

Andres Genolet

Selling for round ratio to double. “1st app Nihil Droid” is what the listings are calling it.  Easy grab at cover. I would keep for PC.





Star Wars #30 1:25

Stephanie Hans

Selling for $20 most recent. I usually don’t see a downward trend in sale prices in the last 24-48 hrs presale. I think grab for half ratio or less and hold.

Cool Covers

Grimm Fairy Tales #67

Josh Burns

Burns being cheeky.

Poison Ivy #8

Jeff Dekal

The colors and feel work really well.

Poison Ivy #8

Jenny Frison

Good Jenny eyes do it for me.

Poison Ivy #8

Sam Wolfe Connelly

This is different and I like it.

Sword Of Azrael #6

James Stokoe

Yeah, this is wicked.

Avengers #64

Stanley Artgerm Lau

A staple. He doesn’t do a bad cover. Maybe that’s not a good thing. The 1:100 only had 2 sales and they were well over ratio so keep an eye out for a deal.

Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #8

Alex Maleev

He doesn’t do enough covers.

Captain Marvel #45

I don’t know exactly why, but I like it. Like cell art.

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