Trimui Smart Brick is new competition for the Miyoo Mini

Trimui Smart Brick

With the success of their mini handheld game consoles, Trimui aims to take a piece of the popular vertical market with their new Trimui Smart Brick.

Trimui (pronounced ‘trim u.i.’, by the way) has seen a lot of success with their micro/affordable consoles, the Trimui Mini and the Trimui Smart.

Both of which had strong community support and even got a custom firmware (RGH Tomato OS).

But with a few concept images leaked over the holidays, it would seem that Trimui aims to go a bit larger with their next few consoles.

You know I love my vertical consoles, so the most intriguing for my own tastes is the new Trimui Smart Brick.

Trimui Smart Brick

The single concept image of the Trimui Smart Brick that we have seems to take inspiration from the king of vertical consoles in 2022: the Analogue Pocket.

And it also shares a lot in common with the upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket, one I’ve been eager to get my hands on.

There are other 1:1 perspective screens popping up lately, and honestly… I’m not sure why it sounds like a good idea. But it seems to be a hot new trend in the console scene.

One thing we can say about the screen on the Trimui Smart Brick.. it looks gorgeous and appears to have no bezels at all.

It is tough to say what the device can do, quite yet, as we have only seen the one concept image.

But based on the button configuration and the previous Trimui Smart, it would be safe to guess that we could expect that this is not gonna be a powerhouse emulation console.

It has enough buttons to play the 8-32 bit era games (GB, GBC, Genesis, NES, SNES, Neo Geo, Arcade, PS1).

Setting itself up as competition to the new Anbernic RG35XX and the Miyoo Mini.

We expect that the internals will be nearly identical to the Trimui Smart device that recently came out… just in a totally different form factor and a much better screen.

So we are expecting the following:

Trimui Smart Brick Specs (anticipated)
  • CPU: Allwinner S3
  • RAM: 128MB of LPDDR3
  • Screen: 3.5-inch IPS 1:1 perspective
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Etc: 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB-C charging.
  • Battery: 2000-3000mAh

Based on what Trimui did with the Mini and Smart… it is also safe to say that they aim to make a very affordable device, likely around the same price as the RG35XX and the Miyoo Mini. So we’d anticipate a device coming in at around $60usd.

As per usual, we’re keeping an eye out. It’s still quite early on this one. But with the pace of things in 2022, it’s safe to say that things will go pretty wild in 2023.

And this isn’t even the only Trimui console leaked. They also have their new Trimui Smart Pro.

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