UNDECEMBER brings Episode III Ortemis update with exciting new content, events and rewards

The Hack-and-Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER releases its most recent Episode III, “Ortemis,” along with a significant amount of new content, with the first update in 2023.

With the recently added Challenge Mode and the updated endgame content, Chaos Dungeon, Rune Hunters may now push themselves even further. To earn significant rewards, players must take part in the numerous in-game events through February 15!

Episode III Ortemis update brings new maps and quests in UNDECEMBER

Ortemis, the third story arc of UNDECEMBER, is now available through this update and starts with Act 11. The third episode is set on the continent of Traum, in the medical nation of Ortemi.

  • New maps and quests: There are 4 themes, 24 main stages, and 9 substages in Episode III Ortemis. This episode’s mission count is equal to the content in the previous episodes’ five Acts.
  • New Bosses, monsters, and NPCs: Now, Rune Hunters can take on 8 new tough boss monsters and more than 100 new common creatures. Additionally, engage 74 new NPCs!
UNDECEMBER brings special content update with the new episode
  • Challenge Mode: Skilled Rune Hunters can now change episodes’ difficulty level. The Stardust of Evolution, that players can use to raise Zodiac Trait Points and the Maximum Point Limit of Zodiac Specialization Constellations, is one of the obvious awards available in the Challenge Mode.
  • Chaos Dungeon Renewal: The difficulty level for high-level dungeons that the Chaos Statue unlocks has been reset. Up to Lv. 120 strong monsters will show up and drop more lucrative stuff. Additionally, keep an eye out for new Authority Bosses who can grant Authority Effects and use new Chaos Dungeon Events to gather necessary growth goods.
  • New Runes & Rune Expansion: With this update, the maximum rune growth level has been increased to Lv. 35 and 16 new skill runes and 20 new link runes have been added. Try out the new Trap Runes, and Skill Runes that can be installed and activated whenever an adversary is detected.
  • Crafting: Crafting is a brand-new feature that lets Rune Hunters pick and change the choices of pre-existing equip items.
  • New Raid content: New Raid material The Archmages of Caspol, a new raid at Chaos level, has been added. The new raid delivers better rewards but has a larger variety of patterns and calls for more coordination between Rune Hunters.
UNDECEMBER features in-game events with exciting rewards with the update

Up until February 15, UNDECEMBER will host a variety of in-game celebrations for the first significant release of 2023.

UNDECEMBER Gear EnchantmentsImage via Line Games
  • Ortemis Update Gift Box Event: When players log-in to the game, they’ll get a gift package full with useful items like Pet Coupons and Hexa Rune Essences.
  • Ortemis Update 1+1 Event: Rewards for completing challenges like Descent Raid and Void Rift will double throughout the event durations.
  • Ortemis Update Festa: Finish the seven-day missions to earn rewards.
  • Ortemis Growth Support Chest Event: All brand-new Rune Hunters who joined the game after the Ortemis Update will receive support in the form of unique chests holding priceless growth resources.
  • Hot Time Event (1/27~1/29, 2/3~2/5): Players must play UNDECEMBER during the peak times to receive a 50% increase in gold gain and a 25% increase in rune growth material! Additional bonuses will be provided for new Rune Hunters to promote their progress.
  • Free Rune Transfer Event: Players can try out different Runes builds. During the event, runes can be transferred for free.
  • Attendance Event for Returning Rune Hunters: Returning Rune Hunters will receive growth materials simply by remaining active for a week.

That’s all about the Ortemis update in UNDECEMBER. Players can visit official UNDECEMBER Discord or Facebook page for more information on the update.

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