What games will we play when we’re old?

What games will we play when we’re old?

I can dimly remember a time before videogames were household fixtures, but only just. I was born in 1980, and the Nintendo Entertainment System showed up in the US about six years later - which is right around the time my dad brought home my family's first personal computer. So while I recall a time before games were commonplace, I'll be one of the last people around who does - games have been fixtures in all our lives since then, and it stands to reason that they'll figure into our lives when we're older. The question is, what games, and how?

It becomes a rather complex thought experiment. In thirty or forty or fifty years, will I want to be playing the games I love now, or the ones I loved in the '90s when I was a teenager and games were hitting their first real golden era? That would make sense: lots of people enjoy listening to the music they heard as teenagers, the music that shaped their ideas of what music was and created a sense of identity and culture. Maybe the same will be true for games - the RPG games and shooters of the 1990s certainly take me back to a certain time in my life, and it's likely they always will.

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