25+ Free TakeFile Premium Accounts

TakeFile.link is a go-to file hosting provider that offers online storage and remote backup capacity.

They also offer sophisticated uploading and downloading tools to make your file management experience seamless.

With TakeFile.link, you can easily store and share files, images, videos, audio, and flash on one platform, accessible from any device.

They understand the importance of reliable and secure storage, which is why we provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure the safety of your files.

Their cloud storage system is available anytime, anywhere in the world, with high speed from any location with internet access.

Plus, they offer a variety of payment methods, including bank cards and regional options, to make it easy for you to access our services.

The site has 100% reliability and security, and you can access your files whenever you need them.

This article contains a list of free TakeFile premium accounts (takefile.link) with email addresses and passwords.

Is TakeFile free?

TakeFile.link is free, but it offers a premium subscription.

Free mode limits the download speed, whereas premium allows for unrestricted download speed.

With the free option, users need to select the link, click download, wait for the timer, enter the captcha, and then obtain a link to download.

However, with the premium option, users can easily download files after purchasing a subscription.

Additionally, there is a different category of files that require a separate payment to download, which is set by the file owner.

Premium subscribers do not have any privileges for downloading such files.

The price of downloading paid files can range from 1 to 50 USD, and all downloads of paid files are displayed on the “My Downloads” page.

How to get free TakeFile premium

To get a free TakeFile premium membership, you can join survey programs like Survey Junkie or YouGov.

These programs offer surveys for you to complete for rewards like PayPal cash.

1. Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you can exchange your earned cash rewards for a TakeFile premium subscription.

Trustpilot has recorded over 40,000 reviews of the platform, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Sign up for free on Survey Junkie, fill out your profile, and confirm your email address to start earning rewards.

Complete various surveys and share your opinions to receive rewards instantly.

2. YouGov

Join YouGov today to participate in captivating surveys and redeem exciting prizes.

YouGov offers a range of surveys covering diverse topics, and you can earn points for each completed survey.

Use your points to redeem cash rewards such as prepaid cards or PayPal, and use them to subscribe to TakeFile premium.

You can also receive rewards like mobile credits and restaurant gift cards on YouGov.

Your responses on YouGov will be shared with companies and online publishers worldwide.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, the rewards program with the highest ratings, offers a range of gift cards including PayPal cash.

You can use your PayPal cash reward to purchase a subscription to TakeFile premium.

Whenever you complete a survey on Swagbucks, you’ll earn points called SB that can be exchanged for cash (100 SB = $1 USD).

Members have received over $820 million in rewards since Swagbucks’ launch.

With an average rating of 4.3 stars on Trustpilot from over 31,000 reviews, Swagbucks is a trusted platform.

Follow three simple steps to start earning on Swagbucks: create an account for a $10 bonus, verify your email, and complete surveys.

How to create a TakeFile account

To create a TakeFile account, you need to go to the user registration page.

Once you’re there, enter your email address, create a password, re-enter your password, and enter the code.

Select the “Submit” button and you’ll be automatically logged in.

Now, you can start sharing and downloading files on the cloud.

Free TakeFile premium accounts
Free TakeFile accounts

Free TakeFile accounts

Username Password
cecikot382@wiroute.com @xGt8s#tK
lowohet606@wwgoc.com _9Rb$EhX
tofexa1903@wwgoc.com &7Cf*GzA
nanirox211@wireps.com #4Sv%YjK
felero6563@youke1.com +2Qd@PxN
difovov784@wiroute.com ^5Lm!ZtE
kakedi8673@wireps.com *3Wp#VbH
himewe3688@wiroute.com $6Fh@RgM
vinatey280@youke1.com %8Tz^KsD
jobolo8641@wireps.com !1Nj&PxC
jahipav949@wiroute.com +9Qw$GtE
woyipen463@wiroute.com @4Hc#LzK
xudunis152@youke1.com ^6Mv*YsA
gapeziw535@youke1.com %2Kj!XpN
zepuzef732@youke1.com &5Rf@TgH
zicezam447@youke1.com 7Wt$ZbM
xijurur250@youke1.com _3Gh^KxE
bewibad634@wireps.com $1Dm!VtD
pazohas750@wireps.com *8Nz#QsC
zodupet569@wireps.com +6Lj$PxK
vumirik631@wwgoc.com ^4Mv%YtE
satusan777@wwgoc.com 2Kc@LzA
tifusos264@wwgoc.com &9Rf!XgN
yovovoj830@wireps.com _7Sb$TkH
zajuduk262@wiroute.com $5Fh#ZbM
tuzuzuz754@wwgoc.com Akf@04_da

The table above contains a limited number of TakeFile premium accounts and you have to log in before someone else does.

The majority of these accounts are created with temporary email addresses, which are inaccessible if they are deleted after use.

If you are unable to log in to an account, it’s possible that the password has been changed by someone else.

Alternatively, the account may have been deleted or banned, or you may have entered an incorrect password.

To avoid any errors, it’s advisable to copy and paste the password instead of typing it out.

If an account does not have a premium or pro subscription, it’s likely that it has expired or not been renewed.

In such cases, you can attempt to log in to another account.

More TakeFile accounts will be added to the table in the future, so make sure to bookmark the page and revisit it later.

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