A day with Wayne Daniel and a short drive

A day with Wayne Daniel and a short drive

We spent a night in Delta Colorado after I crossed the Rockys.  What a disaster.  We got to the motel at 6pm and the main office was closed!  There was a sign that said to call and they would get us a key. No answer so then we saw another sign that basically told us to drive across town to a different motel and they would give us the keys. Sigh.  An hour later, we were in the room with an Arby's sandwich, some vegan muffins, a bottle of wine and a can of beer. Did I mention that the restaurants in town all close at 8pm? No matter, the water was hot and the bed was comfortable.  

The next morning we woke up and headed out again early. First stop was the post office to drop off some postcards for my nephews.  Ah!  Anyone who is wanting to make the day of a few children, please consider posting a post card to one of the teachers on the list below. My nephews school is doing a thing and they sure would appreciate the cards.

We drove about 20 minutes to Wayne Daniel's house and met with him, his wife, son and daughter-in-law.  We spent a few hours at their house. George and Peggy talked about our trip and mutual friends we will meet.  They are now pushing the high 90's and won't be doing much visiting so Peggy was all ears about this.  We even promised to send quite a few photos to her along the way.

After a brief tour of the house (what a beautiful kitchen!) We went into the puzzle room.  Here I took photos a plenty, and then Wayne and I disassembled a puzzle or two.  My first of course was the all 5. He had 8 of them in the room!  Beautiful pieces. 

The next puzzle we disassembled was unknown to me and boy I didn't want to but he said go for it.  An hour later George and Wayne had it put back together.  A round of applause and a big cheer went up when that happened.  I saw them do the jiggle technique to finish it though.

We then went out into the workshop where we saw his much reduced space.  Even so, it's quite impressive.  

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