Cut to Wabbit Season

Cut to Wabbit Season

It's Season 8. Year of the Rabbit. 2023. Cut to: Rebs'n'Brooke, Crossworld's most beloved showgirls, reviewing New York Times crossword puzzles. On this episode...they (we) peruse three (3) puzzles, from 2/2/23 - 2/4/23. Featuring.....:

  • Confessions of a new habit
  • Bisexual lighting
  • SARD: new year, new gem?!
  • "Cut to the chase": What, why, how. Jennings escapes ...
  • AVCX is not sending people to the moon
  • In 2022, 21% of NYTXWs were written by exclusively women (
  • The wrestler George Gorgeous
  • Two "Booty"s in the downs.

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