Dead Space Remake Faithfully Recreates The Original Game’s Most Iconic Trailer

Dead Space Remake Faithfully Recreates The Original Game’s
Most Iconic Trailer

Motive Studio’s remake of Dead Space has delivered another fitting homage to the original game with its own suitably twisted variation of the iconic ‘Lullaby’ trailer.

It’s been something of a series tradition for each Dead Space game to feature a trailer with a haunting rendition of a child’s lullaby juxtaposed with the grisly scenes of death and mayhem to be expected in EA’s survival horror series. The Dead Space remake ‘Lullaby’ trailer is almost a shot-for-shot remake of the trailer for the original game complete with the bone-chilling vocals featured in the eerie cover of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

The original trailer for the game is considered to be iconic for fans of the series for showcasing the sheer level of dread that players experienced in the game as well as establishing the game’s grim dark tone. The new Remake version not only has the same effect as the original did 15 years ago but also further showcases the love Motive Studios very clearly has for the series.

The Dead Space remake has been a monumental success for the studio after it was released to critical acclaim last month even earning the seal of approval from the master of horror himself John Carpenter.

In other news, the future is looking bright for the series as EA recently sent out surveys to players to gauge interest in potential remakes for either Dead Space 2 or Dead Space 3. While nothing has been confirmed so far, it’s a good indication that Motive Studio isn’t quite done with the series just yet.

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