Drew Barrymore Celebrates Birthday, Fans Share Favorite Moments

Drew Barrymore Celebrates Birthday, Fans Share Favorite

Drew Barrymore turns 48 today and fans are in the mood to celebrate. All over social media, people are sharing awesome clips from her TV show or their favorite fashion looks featuring the star. There's been a massive resurgence for the daytime TV star as people reevaluate and revisit their faves from the past decades. Her work kind of speaks for itself and that sparkling personality doesn't hurt either. That disposition in particular has led to her becoming a pitchman for PlutoTV and their "Stream Now. Pay Never" campaign. When that commercial debuted, the response was similar to today online. Check out some of the best postsDrew Barrymore Celebrates Birthday, Fans Share Favorite Moments down below!

"Pluto TV is at the forefront of this transformational moment in media and how people consume it, and it's so exciting to be a part of it," Barrymore said in a statement. "The fact that the service is completely free, with no strings attached really drew me to be a part of this campaign. I can turn on Pluto TV and be immediately drawn into my favorite series and movies across any decade and genre. It's like the slot machine of programming, anything and everything you want!"

Happy birthday, @DrewBarrymore! ? pic.twitter.com/Z1NAhxKYNu

-- The Drew Barrymore Show (@DrewBarrymoreTV) February 22, 2023

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Wild story

"I was originally supposed to play the Neve Campbell role," Drew Barrymore about her performance in "Scream."

"And then I had this epiphany that if I played Casey and got killed in the first scene, all bets were off."

Born today in 1975@ATRightMoviespic.twitter.com/uC1tN0EH5b

-- Carl Quintanilla (@carlquintanilla) February 22, 2023
Charlie's Angels hive

Happy Birthday to the icon that is Drew Barrymore! #Birthday

? #CharliesAngels pic.twitter.com/xoBfr2oRnV

-- Sony Pics At Home UK (@SonyPicsAtHome) February 22, 2023
Total celebration

it's international drew barrymore day! pic.twitter.com/4ByRkeS67U

-- the daily miahl ? (@readingonfilm) February 22, 2023
All you Netflix fans!

.@DrewBarrymore gets surprised by @YouNetflix star @PennBadgley and put in her own glass box.

Tune in TOMORROW for more of Drew's special birthday episode: https://t.co/sM7OB9ldEe pic.twitter.com/vRR7ZRhTfi

-- The Drew Barrymore Show (@DrewBarrymoreTV) February 21, 2023
What a dress

drew barrymore at the "ever after" gala, 1998 pic.twitter.com/zgxTYtqb37

-- sophia (@smokingdunst) February 22, 2023
Oh my goodness

Drew Barrymore on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson pic.twitter.com/pppdTnHbhJ

-- Movie TV Playback (@movietvplayback) February 22, 2023
True legend

happy 48th birthday to the legendary and iconic, drew barrymore pic.twitter.com/Z56ksyxVWU

-- NOSTALGIA (@notgwendalupe) February 22, 2023
Keanu understands

? Are you a lover or a fighter?
Are you Drew Barrymore or Keanu Reeves?! ??? pic.twitter.com/U59kpBHs4t

-- Angelus caelorum ? (@CaelorumAngelus) February 21, 2023

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