Genshin Impact: Razor best team comps guide

Razor Best Weapons And Artifacts team compsGenshin Impact has a sizable collection of characters that fulfill different roles. Each character can contribute value to your team, with some characters dealing damage while others laying in the back providing support. Razor is a Physical DMG character, and while he may have been eclipsed by other characters in the game such as Eula, Physical DMG dealers are rare to come by. Razor also has a level of Electro DMG thanks to his Electro burst, which gives him access to some other unique teams. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide on the best Razor team comps. Razor is a 4-star Electro Claymore character. As with most 4-star characters, you’ll likely find a Razor join your team as a drop from the Character Event Wish or Standard Banners, or during rate-ups as they accompany other 5-star characters. These 4-star characters are often seen as weaker than other 5-star characters, but we can unlock Razor’s true potential with the best team for him and support line-up. Related: B...

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