Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok

Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok

Hogwarts Legacy’s main quests take hours to complete – but as you reach the end and the max level is in your sight, you’ll come up against one final hurdle… the powerful goblin Ranrok.

According to lore, Ranrok has a deep hatred of wizards and led a goblin rebellion against them. An ally of the dark wizards, Ranrok possesses great magical power, to the point that he can rival his wizard counterparts. He’s a formidable foe, and you’ll need your wits about you if you’re going to beat him.

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Before reading on, there may be some mild spoilers, so if you’re not keen on finding out how to beat Ranrok, we recommend looking away now. We don’t go into the ending or anything like that, rather break down Ranrok’s combat strategy and how to counter it.

How to beat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

To beat Ranrok, you’ll need to be very skilled indeed – so make sure you’ve mastered our best spells to give yourself the best chance. There are a three phases to this fight with Ranrok, so make sure you have enough Wiggenweld Potions on you. Once the fight kicks off, Ranrok turns into a dragon.

Phase 1: Ranrok transforms into a dragon. He will spawn three floating orbs – each have a corresponding colour that you need to take out using a matching spell before you can harm the boss. To beat him, match his attack spell colours with the following spells:

  • Red: Use damaging spells
  •  Yellow: Use control spells
  •  Purple: Use force spell

Note, the number of orbs increases in each phase so timing and precision is key.

  • Phase 2: This is the same as the previous wave, however Ranrok will now be slightly more aggressive and spawning an extra orb that you must take out.
  • Phase 3: In the final phase Ranrok lands on the ground and will now be doing all of his previous attacks whilst also now charging at you on foot, as well as providing yet another orb to take out. Be sure to keep your distance, continue to take out the orbs and have you health at a high amount. A good trick is to simply keep walking round the arena and you’ll dodge his attacks easily.

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That’s all you need to know to defeat Ranrok. Remember, you can only get to level 40 right now in Hogwarts, but there are hopes a new game plus may make its way to the Wizarding World some time in the future. You can check out our full Hogwarts Legacy guide list right here.

Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok FAQ

Who is Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy?

Ranrok is an evil goblin who has a deep hatred of wizards. He is the final boss in Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Ranrok hard to beat in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes. Ranrok is the final boss in the game and so will test your mastery of the core mechanics, with a focus on combat. Ranrok has three attack phases, so be sure to have plenty of Wiggenweld Potions to hand.

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