How to get a Chainsaw in Sons of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest Chainsaw GuideSons of the Forest has several weapons that can turn your foes into mincemeat. One of these is the Chainsaw. Rev it up and watch as your opponents’ limbs and heads flop and fly off. Here’s our guide to help you get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest. Note: For more information, check out our Sons of the Forest guides and features hub. How to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest The Sons of the Forest Chainsaw has a bunch of requirements before you can enter the location that has it. We’ve outlined these steps below and, while we won’t go into too much detail, we’ve also linked the relevant guides in case you’d like to know more about those areas: Get the Rope Gun so you can use Ziplines. Get the Rebreather so you can dive and breathe underwater. Once you have both, look for the Shovel. It lets you unearth hidden passageways. Maintenance Keycard – Now that you have the Shovel, it’s time to visit various underground locations. The first ...

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