Instagram for Business Growth: Vanity Metrics Vs Actionable Metrics

Instagram for Business Growth: Vanity Metrics Vs Actionable

Social media marketing requires an investment of your business resources, including both time and money. For this reason, small pet business owners need to view the growth of their accounts a little differently than we would our personal accounts. As with any aspect of your marketing plan, you need to track and analyze your Instagram growth to ensure that you are making progress that will help your overall business growth. But not all social media metrics are created equally. An important topic to understand when doing an Instagram audit is the impact of vanity metrics vs. actionable metrics. If this is your first time hearing these terms, don’t worry! You’re not alone. I’m going to break down the difference between the two types of Instagram metrics and which you should be most focused on when working on Instagram for business growth. Let’s get started… What Metrics Should I Measure for Instagram? Both Business and Creator accounts in Instagram provide you with access to Insights, an analytics tracking dashboard within the Instagram app. This tool is valuable for tracking, analyzing, understanding, and improving your account. The Account Insights Overview breaks down three key metrics and their percentage of change, including: Accounts Reached: The number of accounts your content was shown to, including followers and non-followers, during the specified time. Accounts Engaged: The number of accounts that engaged with your content, such as liking, commenting, saving, or sharing during the specified time. Total Followers: The total number of people following your account.   Selecting any of these high-level metrics will bring you to a screen with more detail. For example, suppose you click through to the Accounts Reached. In that case, Instagram will provide you with more information about the accounts your content was reaching, including the geographic location, age ranges, gender, and followers vs. non-followers. They also individually break down your total reach into the reach of your posts, reels, and stories. All the information in all three high-level categories is helpful when trying to understand your Instagram performance and whether you are connecting with your ideal audience. But not all metrics are created equally when assessing whether your Instagram account is growing in a way that will contribute to your greater business growth. This is why it is important to understand vanity metrics vs actionable metrics and how they fit into this bigger picture. What Are Vanity Metrics? Vanity metrics on social media are the numbers that most social users will focus on the most. These numbers look good when someone visits your account and likely gives you that rush of dopamine that makes you feel good and keeps you coming back to your account for more. Some examples of vanity metrics on Instagram are your number of followers or the number of views each of your Reels receives. While higher follower or view numbers can make you look good, they aren’t a good indication of how your Instagram account is working to drive any real return in your business off […]

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