Is Sons of the Forest a sequel?

Is Sons of the Forest a sequel?

Sons of the Forest, a thrilling survival horror title developed by Endnight Games, is the video game studio’s follow-up entry to the equally popular 2014 installment entitled The Forest.

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Most of the trailers for Sons of the Forest have revealed its gameplay and environment to be similar to its predecessor. For this reason, players now want to know if the follow-up is a direct sequel to the previous game. Well, look no further because we’re here to give you the answer you’ve been searching for.

Read on to find out what we know about the game’s plot and whether it’s a sequel or not.

Will Sons of the Forest be a sequel?

Yes, Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the 2014 survival horror title called The Forest. However, very little of its plot has been revealed so it isn’t exactly clear what aspects of the game have been carried over from its predecessor.

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According to the very brief plot synopsis that is currently available, players have apparently been sent on the island in order to search for a missing billionaire. Unfortunately, the significance of the billionaire and the reason for why he was lost is yet to be revealed so players will just have to join in on the adventure once it releases to find out.

Based on the many gameplay sneak peeks that have been shown though, we can surmise that the combat, crafting, and the environment will largely be similar to the previous installment. Multiple scenes exhibited throughout IGN’s exclusive hands-on preview have displayed the gruesome enemies that you can encounter within the locale. Both mutated creatures and cannibals also seem to attack no matter what time of day it is so players should immediately prepare as soon as they land on the island.

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