One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel Guide – How To Unlock Fast Travel

One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel Guide – How To Unlock Fast

Are you wondering how you fast travel in One Piece Odyssey? Well, wonder no further! We’ve created a One Piece Odyssey fast travel guide, teaching you how to unlock the useful mechanic. Fast travelling is a convenient, and efficient way of traversing the One Piece Odyssey landscape, making it a popular form of transportation. By the end of this guide, you’ll have everything you need to be a fast travel pro!

One Piece Odyssey is a brand new adventure RPG set in the world of the hit anime TV series/manga One Piece. The series is brought to life with unique 3D graphics, whilst also managing to keep the feel and aesthetic of the original artwork. The game follows Luffy who is seperated from his crew. Throughout the game, you’ll embark on a journey to reunite him with his friends. If you’re a fan of One Piece, then you absolutely have to try this game!

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One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel

We’ll now get on with the guide at hand…

What Do You Need To Fast Travel?

One thing about One Piece Odyssey that has fans glued to their gaming chairs is the expansive open world. There’s lots to explore, but sometimes this can be a bit exhausting or even overwhelming. Luckily, the creators came up with a nice little work-around called “Fast Travel”.

Fast travel is utilised through Yosai signs. Yosai signs look like mini-yellow bus stops, and they’re scattered around the map in key locations.

The bad news is that fast travel isn’t unlocked right away. In fact, it’s not even unlocked in the first chapter, but we’ll get onto that…

How To Unlock Yosai Signs

So we know what we need to fast travel in One Piece Odyssey – and that’s Yosai signs. But how do you unlock them?

As stated earlier, fast travel isn’t unlocked in the first chapter. Fast travel will become available to you after you defeat Yosai Goons, and this part of the game happens somewhere around the second chapter.

During chapter 2 of the game’s campaign, you’ll find yourself in search of Vivi. During this quest, while you’re busy crossing the desert, you’ll get ambushed by Yosai Goons. As the attackers attempt to steal Nami’s wallet, a tutorial will pop up. Complete this tutorial, and you’ll unlock Yosai signs!

How To Activate One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel

Now that you’ve got Yosai signs unlocked, you’ll finally be able to fast travel. You can do this by walking up to Yosai signs and interacting with them. If you’re on PC, this will be done through pressing “J”.

It’s as simple as that! Select your destination, and revel in your newly found convenience.

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