The TDE Podcast Ep 27: Midway artist Paul Niemeyer

The TDE Podcast Ep 27: Midway artist Paul Niemeyer

Episode 27 of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is available now for your listening pleasure!

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The Ted Dabney Experience Podcast episode 27. Click image to play this episode

In any video arcade, especially during the proverbial Golden Age of the Seventies and Eighties, it wasn’t always the games on screen that first caught the eye but the colourful, imposing, sometimes lurid cabinets that housed them. This was bona fide pop art for the coin-op kids of America and beyond.

Paul Niemeyer started his career at developer Bally Midway during the early Eighties, working on such titles as Ms. Pac-Man, Tapper and Spy Hunter. He also had a hand in creating such impressive cabinets as Discs of Tron, Satan’s Hollow and the peculiar Wacko. Niemeyer tells us about the precision art of cutting and layering art screens, life at Midway during the Bally takeover, working with the so-called Bally Pinball art gods, the development of the notorious and enduring Mortal Kombat and having his homework marked by Sylvester Stallone.

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