Who is GasprArt?

Who is GasprArt?

GasprArt is an artist that posts adult animations on Twitter.

His last Twitter post was on January 24, 2022.

The tweet stated that he tested positive for Covid and that he slept the entire week.

Many of his fans are wondering if he’s still alive and well.

He has a Patreon that’s subscribed by over 190 people.

However, his last post was also on January 24, 2022.

In this article, you’ll learn who is GasprArt, what he does, if he’s dead, and his social media platforms.

Who is GasprArt?

GasprArt is an NSFW artist who creates adult animations.

His animations contain characters from Zootopia, Pokemon, Teen Titans, and others.

He started posting Twitter videos on May 2019 and grew rapidly.

However, he disappeared from the internet after a final tweet on January 2022.

Here’s GasprArt’s final tweet, “Hey everyone, sorry to disappoint. I had covid this week and I slept the entire week away”.

Followed by, “I’ll try to make it up this week. Here’s something I was working on last year, just so I have something to post”.

The tweet got over 7.3k likes and more than 730 retweets.

GasprArt has over 85k followers on Twitter (@GasprArt) and he has a Patreon.

His Patreon has over 180 subscribers and has 31 exclusive posts.

However, his last post is on January 24, 2022, similar to his last tweet.

Because of that, his fans are speculating whether GasprArt is still alive.

Although his death is unconfirmed, it’s likely that the artist is no longer around because none of his social media platforms are active.

That said, the artist took long breaks (several months) from posting before, so it isn’t common that he’s taking one right now.

Is GasprArt dead?

GasprArt’s death is speculated, but it’s unconfirmed—he could be taking a hiatus.

His last tweet was on January 2022 and he hasn’t posted anything since then.

However, the artist took long breaks before throughout his social media history.

For example, he posted once on Aug 14, 2021 and didn’t post until Jan 1, 2022.

This means that he took a 6-month break.

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