Wild Hearts Change Appearance Guide

Wild Hearts Change Appearance Guide

Wondering how to give yourself a makeover? Well, that’s exactly what we plan to cover in our Wild Hearts change appearance guide. Here, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on customising your character once you’ve started the game. That way, you will always be happy with your character’s visual style.

Wild Hearts is a Monster Hunter-like action RPG that challenges you to take on increasingly-difficult monsters. As you do so, you’ll gather materials that you can use to craft new weapons and armour. You can then take on more monsters, and keep the cycle going.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We’ve also got guides for Wild Hearts weapons tier list, Wild Hearts materials, and Wild Hearts performance.

Wild Hearts Change Appearance

Here’s how to change your appearance in Wild Hearts:

  1. Open the menu
  2. Visit the ‘Karakuri’ tab
  3. Scroll down the upgrade tree until you find the ‘Looking Glass’
  4. Purchase it for 1,500 Kemono Orbs (along with all other previous upgrades)
  5. Place the Looking Glass and use it to change your appearance
Wild Hearts Change Appearance FAQ

Now, let’s answer a bunch of questions you may have about Wild Hearts or changing your appearance in general.

What’s Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts is an action RPG that draws a ton of inspiration from the Monster Hunter series. You battle huge monsters, gather resources from them, and craft weapons and armour using the materials. This allows you to then take on even more challenging monsters as you progress.

Is Changing Your Appearance Free?

Yes, and no. You do need to purchase the Looking Glass initially to change your appearance, but, once you’ve done so, you can change your appearance for free as many times as you want to.

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