Wild Hearts Voice Actors List

Wild Hearts Voice Actors List

Wondering who performs your favourite characters in Wild Hearts? Well, that’s exactly what our Wild Hearts voice actors list is here to help with. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of the actors who play these roles, and will update it should new actors join the game with future DLC.

Wild Hearts is a brand new take on the Monster Hunter formula by EA. It takes place in a fictional fantasy universe that draws inspiration from Feudal Japan. You battle huge monsters, looting their bodies to gather resources that you can use to craft new gear. This allows you to take on even more powerful monsters – and so the cycle repeats.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We’ve also put together guides on Wild Hearts materials, Wild Hearts performance, and a Wild Hearts weapons tier list.

Wild Hearts Voice Actors List

Here’s a list of the Wild Hearts voice actors.

  • Kogyoku: Marika Dandoy
  • Mujina: Yuta Koga
  • Natsume: Miracle Veil Magic
  • Nobumitsu Tsumori: Kane Kosugi
  • Seren: Yurie Collins
  • Suzuran: Crystal Kay
  • Tamakazura: Takayuki Yanagi
  • Toga-Hime: Asia Grace Sawane
  • Ujishige Daidouji: Yuki Matsuzaki
  • Yataro: Mai Nakazato
Wild Hearts Voice Actors FAQ

Now, let’s take a look at a few questions you may have about Wild Hearts, the voice actors, or characters.

What Is Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts is an action RPG that draws an absolute ton of inspiration from Monster Hunter. You create a character, head out onto a massive open world, and battle enormous monsters. Again, like Monster Hunter, you gather resources along the way that you can then turn into new weapons and armour. That, in turn, let you then take on even more powerful monsters and do it all over again.

Which Characters Do These Voice?

The voice actors perform the vocals for the characters you’ll meet while exploring the town, including the blacksmith (you’ll spend a bunch of time talking to them!), as well as story characters.

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