WWE Elimination Chamber: Logan Paul Makes Surprise Appearance in Men's Elimination Chamber Match

WWE Elimination Chamber: Logan Paul Makes Surprise
Appearance in Men's Elimination Chamber Match

Austin Theory overcame the odds and emerged from the Men's Elimination Chamber match as the United States Champion, although he had some help with an unexpected ally. Theory beat a crowded field that included Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, Bronson Reed, Damien Priest and Montez Ford, although he only emerged victorious after Logan Paul showed up and attacked Rollins to help Theory score the victory. The ending doesn't advance Austin Theory's path to Wrestlemania, although it certainly sets up a Wrestlemania showdown between Logan Paul and Seth Rollins.

The match opened with Rollins and Gargano in the ring, marking the first time that the two have shared the ring together in WWE. The two workhorses put on a solid showing for several minutes, until Theory entered the match in the third spot. While Theory briefly gained the upper hand on both Rollins and Gargano, the two teamed up to put Theory in his place including a great bit where both Rollins and Gargano entered an Elimination Chamber pod to beat down Theory. Priest entered the match in the fourth position and Reed entered in fifth, with Reed having a particularly good showing as he used Gargano as a weapon against Rollins in multiple spots. Ford entered in the final spot, thus guaranteeing that all six men were active in the chamber at the same time.

Ford then did the first high spot in the chamber match, climbing onto the chained roof and then dropping onto the competitors below. It was a gnarly spot, and then followed by Ford eliminating Reed with the help of Gargano and Rollins, after all three hit superkicks and their finishers to eliminate Reed. Rollins and Gargano then both climbed on top of a pod and shared a moment before the two resumed their battle and Gargano managed to reverse a superplex while on the top of the pod, sending them both flying off the pod. Priest then eliminated Gargano with a Razor's Edge and Ford eliminated Priest using a Blockbuster with the help of Rollins.

With three men left in the match, Ford briefly had the upper hand on both Rollins and Theory. However, Theory got his knees up on an attempted frog splash and Rollins delivered a brutal curb stomp that seemed to actually injure Ford. However, as medics came in to check on Ford, Logan Paul ran into the chamber and attacked Rollins, leading to Theory escaping with a victory.


Theory doesn't have a clear opponent for Wrestlemania, although his repeated chants that "his time is now" suggests a showdown with John Cena is coming. What's clear is that Theory seems set to enter Wrestlemania as the United States Champion.

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