Apex Legends Rumors Point to Revenant Rework Straight Out of Titanfall

Apex Legends Rumors Point to Revenant Rework Straight Out of

Since Apex Legends’ release way back in early 2019, some Legends – think Bangalore and Wraith – have been eternally popular. Others, though – think Revenant and Rampart – have long been languishing at the lower end of the Legend pick-rates

That’s why recent weeks have seen rumors of major Legend changes and, now, information suggests that Revenant’s rework could be straight out of Titanfall. 

Right now, Revenant’s Passive is ‘Stalker’, letting the skeletal Legend climb higher and faster than other Legends. However, leaks and rumors suggest that a reworked Revenant – codenamed ‘Revenant Reborn’ – will be coming in a future update. 

While exhaustive details are not available, the Synthetic Nightmare’s ‘reborn’ version will allegedly receive a new Passive Ability that will allow him to wall-run infinitely. The information was shared by Apex YouTuber bobz in a March 6 video and has been echoed by reputable data miner and leaker ThordanSmash.  

According to ApexLegendsStatus, Revenant currently sits at a 1.9% pick-rate, making him one of the least-picked Legends in the entire game. 

The wall-run ability, however, would undoubtedly make him more popular, essentially being a major upgrade on his current movement based Passive. It’s straight out of the Titanfall series, with wall-running representing a core movement mechanic in Respawn’s series that continues to inspire so much of Apex Legends. 

While we don’t have details yet, there could also be changes to Revenant’s Ultimate and Tactical abilities, currently Death Totem and Stalker, respectively. 

Naturally, the track record of the leakers does not guarantee the wall-running ability will ever see the light of day. Much can change in the development process and Respawn could easily change their plans for Revenant without warning. 

Regardless, it could be time for Revenant mains to get excited. 

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