Dead Boy Detectives Moving To Netflix

Dead Boy Detectives Moving To Netflix

Looks like the Dead Boy Detectives moving to Netflix! Warner Bros has sold the rights to the streaming giant after they decided that it no longer fits their vision after James Gunn and Peter Safran put together plans for the future of DC on screen. It’s unknown if Netflix will decide to crossover the new series with The Sandman. The Dead Boy Detectives were originally part of The Sandman. Overall, it seems that this part of DC’s strategy moving forward of interconnectedness between films and television.

Given the  critical and commercial success of Netflix’s Sandman series, it makes sense that they would want the two series to connect and maybe even crossover at some point. With the announcement that upcoming The Sandman episodes not being called season 2, this also gives the  studio and creative team options on introducing the detectives to the world. Hopefully this means that Neil Gaiman will be involved in this show as well. This is a smart move for Warner. There is already a built in audience of Sandman fans, so why not introduce related characters on the same platform? The Dead Boy Detectives aren’t household names yet, but if these cards are played right, they could be.   No release date has been set for the debut of Dead Boy Detectives on Netflix  yet.

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