Echocalypse tier list: Best Characters Ranked

Echocalypse tier list: Best Characters Ranked

Echocalypse has many characters, otherwise known as cases, making it challenging to know which is worth putting hard-earned resources into. There are around 60, and while each has unique abilities and skills, some are way stronger than their counterparts. This guide has a compiled list of all the characters in a ranked tier list, making it easier for players to choose which to focus on and which ones are better left untouched.

Best Characters Ranked in Echocalypse

It is important to note that this tier list is subjective, and players could rank a character lower or higher depending on a player’s skill level and the team’s composition in the game. Also, rarity has much to do with ranking, considering the base stats are generally higher if the case is rarer. With that said, below is a table with every character ranked.

Tier Characters
S Audrey, Horus, Firentia, Fenriru, Pan Pan, Taisei, Zawa.
A Bastet, Dorothy, Vivi, Yulia, Deena, Set, Nephthys, Main Character, Lumin, Nile, Mori, Niz, Chiraha, Levia, Aiken.
B Sova, Nanook, Eriri, Xen, Babs, Aurora, Sil, Panther, Rikin, Katch, Snezhana, Kurain, Yanling, Panther, Sil, Wadjet, Beam, Garula, Kuri, Camelia, Baphomet, Nightinggale, Dorothy, Garula, Kimono, Regina, Raeon, Stara, Gryph, Kiki, Taweret.
C Luca, Luciferin, Sui, Shelly, Sasha, Qurina, Raven, Valiant, Pierrot, Koyama Dosen, Anina, Niko, Yarena, Cayenne, Gura, Lori, Senko.

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S Tier

These are the best cases in the game and are usually the rarest. It would be best to add any of these cases to your team composition and synergy as soon as possible. You have some standout names in this rank level.

Audrey is a heavy hitter here with a passive ability where she increases the attack power of all allies on the board, making a huge difference in damage output. Then there is Horus, who arguably provides the highest amount of damage in the game, especially if players put enough resources into her to increase critical damage.

A Tier

These characters are great and provide some of the best skills in the game. They should be a second choice and should be used to fill in the gaps if a team composition isn’t filled with all S-ranked options. Let’s review a couple of the best prospects in this tier level.

Vivi includes a constant rage debuffing skill which depletes the rage bar of enemies, protecting the rest of the allies on the battlefield. At the same time, Deena is a great healer who can heal two allies at a time, possibly healing the whole team who have below 50% HP. She can save the team in a pinch.

B Tier

These characters are great choices to help you progress early in the game. Soon players will need to replace them with more substantial options, but they can be suitable placeholders as some have helpful abilities to protect the team. Let’s go over a few examples.

Wadjet is a great partner for Horus, found in S Tier, considering he can effectively apply armor break to enemies, making everyone stronger. Horus is at her best when armor break is applied to enemies. Next, you have Beam, who can deal more damage if she has less health, giving her one final strong push.

C Tier

Players should put their focus elsewhere and skip over this list of characters. They are alright, but they will eventually show their weakness as the game progresses, and it takes little time to get there.

These characters have low damage multipliers, weak base stats, and mediocre abilities and passives. It’s not the end of the world if a player must use one of these, but the good news is that it takes little time to find an option to replace any of these characters.

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