Marvel Comics Presents #137 (1993): Ant-Man

Marvel Comics Presents #137 (1993): Ant-Man

Ant-Man versus Goliath. And Scott Lang doesn’t have time to fool around because his daughter Cassie is in the school play.

It’s a fun story, even if the ending is quick and predictable (Scott shrinks Goliath).  Scott Lang is a great character, he’s not overexposed, and the giant vs. ant thing is cool.  C+.

Issue #137 also has a one-off Iron Fist story by Joey Cavalieri and James Blackburn.  Like Ghost Rider and Wolverine, Iron Fist has been appearing in every issue of Marvel Comics Presents, in multi-issue stories.  This one has him fighting some dude called Highwayman.  It’s basically just a few pages of fighting.  C-

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