Wo Long: How to reset your stats and change your appearance

Wo Long Reset Stats Change Appearance 1One of the toughest parts of highly customizable games is having to commit to your appearance and stat distribution. That goes double for tough games where making the wrong choice can have dire consequences for dozens of hours. You might be worrying that that’s the case in Wo Long, but you can not only reset your stats freely, you can even change any aspect of your appearance that you’re unhappy with. Doing this is extremely easy, so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with anything for the duration of the game. Nothing is really set in stone. An NPC in Wo Long is responsible for allowing you to reset your stats and change your appearance. You can find him inside the nearest building when you travel to the hidden village. His name is Zuo Ci, and you can find him sitting at a table. Simply approach him and speak to him via the prompt that appears once you get close and he’ll provide a list of options. These options include both a stat reset and the ab...

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